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Stanley FatMax Tools offer superior quality and innovative performance-driven features. Starting from modest beginnings in America, Stanley Tools developed over the last century and a half into the world's leading hand tools manufacturer and their FatMax line of tools and the new FatMax Xtreme Tools continue upon their philosophy that quality and integrity are essential in all things. Phenomenal effort goes into developing and testing every single Stanley FatMax Tool to ensure its quality, precision and suitability for the job. Advanced studies in how we hold and use tools have led to remarkable advancements that have made FatMax Tools safer and more pleasurable to use than ever before. New ergonomic handles on FatMax Screwdrivers, FatMax Chisels, hammers, pliers and wrenches increase user comfort while reducing vibration, stress, and fatigue, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. We certainly live in an age where modern machine methods are taking over from traditional hand techniques, but there will always be a place for hand skills. Taking the time to learn how to use the FatMax Tools to their best effect, will give you an excellent basis to do all kinds of woodworking and construction projects.

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