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Factory Reconditioned Tools

What is a certified factory reconditioned tool?

A certified factory reconditioned tool has undergone a complete inspection by factory trained technicians when the tool is sent back to the manufacturer. Genuine factory replacement parts have been installed by the technicians as necessary. The reconditioned tool is guaranteed to meet all original specifications and to perform as new. Total customer satisfaction is backed up by a one (1) year repair warranty handled by a nationwide network of service centers.

Why buy a certified factory reconditioned tool?

1. Quality - The power tool brands you know and trust.
2. Like new - Tool has experienced very little or no usage; any necessary repairs are performed by factory trained technicians before resale.
3. Reconditioned Warranty - Each factory reconditioned tool carries some sort of manufacturer warranty

Where do reconditioned tools come from?

Reconditioned items are tools that were returned by a customer to the place of purchase due to an initial defect or because the customer decided they wanted a different tool. In most cases the product has been used very little or not at all. These tools are sent back to the factory (manufacturer) for inspection and any necessary repair to restore them to new tool factory specifications. They are subsequently sold as a reconditioned product.

Who repairs the tools?

Tools are repaired at a manufacturer's facility by factory trained technicians using genuine factory replacement parts.

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