Powermatic Table Saws

At the heart of every well-equipped workshop is a Powermatic Table Saw. In woodworking precision and versatility is the name of the game, and these machines deliver. The PM2000 is the flagship of Powermatic's line of table saws and it features industry leading power and a multitude of advanced features that have helped make it a legend. They can be used to produce cuts of all kinds with superior accuracy and unmatched consistency. Whether you want to cut extremely large stock, quickly rip boards or make small delicate cuts, Powermatic table saws will deliver the results you need.

For Pre-Sales questions on Powermatic Tools and Machinery, feel free to contact Customer Service (888-804-7129) or for technical issues (800-274-6846). For all warranty issues, please call 800-274-6848.....and don't forget to tell them Lucy sent you!

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