JET Chain Hoists

Always proud to be an industry leader in technology and safety features, JET has a full line of manual and electric hoists that are the safest and most durable hoists engineered for the toughest jobs. Included in all JET chain hoists are overload protection mechanisms that prevent chain hoists from lifting damaging loads, a magnetic disk brake to increase safety by ensuring rapid stops and securing the load, and the extremely convenient maintenance-free gear train, so you won't have to worry about maintenance anymore. The JET JSH-Series electric hoists provide safety, durability and portability for operation in light-duty commercial and industrial applications. Designed to be lightweight and portable, The JET JSH-Series features a die cast aluminum housing that doubles as a tough exterior, making it ideal for lightweight operation. Thanks to continued innovation, the JET VOLT Series is the first electric hoist to feature Full-Range Speed Control. This feature lets the operator control the speed of the electric hoist throughout the entire lift by allowing for true variable speed functionality. The JET VOLT Series not only handles any job, but also allows for control and precision you won't find in any other electric hoist. If you want a hand chain hoist that won't let you down, unless you need it to, The JET L-100 Series is the hoist for you. The JET L-100's patented fused brake system reduces maintenance cost and downtime. Available in 1/4 to 20 ton capacities and standard lifts of 10 to 20 feet, no matter how harsh the environment the JET L-100 hand chain is engineered to handle it.

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