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Freud Tools - Router Bits, Saw Blades and More

Freud Tools strives for perfection in cutting tool performance. Unlike many other companies who manufacturer cutting products, Freud Tools is one of the few companies that produces its own carbide for its router bits, saw blades, shape cutters and more. This MicroGrain carbide that Freud Tools produces contains both Titanium and Cobalt (also known as TiCo carbide). Freud router bits are some of the most popular router bits in the woodworking industry because they offer maximized cutting life and accurate results.

Freud Tools owns and operates some of the most innovative and technology advanced manufacturing facilities in Italy and Switzerland. These facilities are where many of your favorite Freud router bits are produced. Whether it's: chamfer router bits, mortising bits, joinery bits, rabbeting bits or a long list of other Freud router bits, Freud is dedicated to bringing you the best quality in cutting tools.

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