Woodstock International

Woodstock International came along and solved the problem of dust and debris removal with their quality line of hoses, blast gates and adapters that provide an easy method of dust extraction for less money. Starting a little over a decade ago, Woodstock prides itself on providing a quality product for less money. The model W1019 Splice Connector will connect two 4" hose sections and is durable enough to handle workshop conditions yet lightweight and removable for ease of use. The hoses, such as the model W1031 are made of durable plastic that will last years in your workshop; even through demanding conditions. Woodstock also takes a keen eye on innovation as most of their products are only available through them or their authorized dealers. When you factor in their eye for accuracy and knowledgeable technical staff, you can see why in the world of dust collection, Woodstock is your one stop shop for your dust collection needs.

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