Stiletto Titanium Hammers and Tools

Why buy a Stiletto Titanium Hammer and Titanium Tools?

Stiletto Titanium Hammers and Tools have been recognized in Popular Mechanics, JLC, Tools of the Trade, Men's Journal, Fine Home Building and many other publications. For decades the tool, we now know as the hammer, has been made from steel that's either forged or cast into shape. Like Tim the Toolman Taylor would say "the bigger and heavier the tool the better". Of course that did allow for greater striking force - but it would also take a lot of muscle to swing that hammer. Although titanium hammers are more expensive then your average, run -of-the-mill hammer, the advantages far out way the cost. Titanium delivers more energy to the nail - 97 percent versus the 67 percent of steel. This translates into less work and less strain. There are some additional definite advantages to using titanium tools including lighter; easier to carry and swing with less fatigue. Also, you can swing your hammer faster and can more readily change the direction. Titanium Tools also transmit less shock than steel, which lessens the likelihood of stress injuries. Now how can you place a dollar amount to less time spent at the doctor's office.

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