Stabila Levels

STABILA Levels are Precision-Made Tools, backed by a Best-In-Industry Replacement Guarantee

No homeowner or professional craftsman should be without a Stabila Level. For more than a century, the name Stabila has produced innovative, German craftsmanship Toolbox levels, torpedo levels, journeyman levels, Stabila Magnetic Levels, Plate Levels, Straight and split beam lasers. Stabila Tools will last from generation to generation. They have been designed and manufactured by people devoted to excellence, and proud of their legendary heritage of precision quality and innovation. The purchase of a STABILA tool is a lifetime investment backed by their best-in-industry replacement guarantee.

In the simplest terms, a professional level is nothing more than a straight rod fitted with a time-honored device; an air bubble trapped in a curved, liquid-filled vial that's mounted in a long straight body. Gravity makes the bubble rise to the highest part of the arc, showing when the level is, of course, level. Of course, most levels have two vials oriented 90 degrees to the first for checking plumb, and some have a third vial for 45 degree angle checks. I suppose one of our most popular Stabila Levels is their Torpedo Level which only stands at 10 inches in length. Each Vial of a Stabila level is secured in the frame using a patented epoxy locking system. These vials are calibrated and molded permanently to the frame which reinforces the strength of every STABILA Level.

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A Note on Stabila Open Box Items

All contents are brand new from the factory. The factory packaging may be damaged but otherwise these are brand new tools with brand new tool warranties.

"Open Box" Items originate for multiple reasons.


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