Shark Corporation Tools

Shark Corporation led the pack in the creation of a new type of hand saw which is the pullsaw. The pullsaw works on the exact opposite premise of a normal handsaw. When Shark Saw unveiled this item in Japan; it quickly became a hit and was a staple in most toolboxes. The model 10-2440 is best suited for cabinet work and flush cutting while the 10-2315 is made for logging and framing applications. In addition, Shark Corporation's other line, Sharkgrip, came out with a cat's paw type nail puller. This quickly became an essential tool as cabinet makers and professional woodworkers highly recommended it due to its durability and quality. Made to take out nails from pneumatic nailers, the model 21-2016 is best suited for finish nails and staples while the 21-2026 model is made for joist hanger and drywall nails. If you ever find yourself needing a nail puller or a pullsaw, trust the Shark Corporation to provide the tool you need to get the job done.

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