Fast Cap

FastCap founder, Paul Akers, worked for 20 years as a veteran cabinetmaker and in the woodworking industry. One day, he got an idea for a self adhesive screw cap. He started to tinker with his idea and was soon sold on the idea of marketing it. Little did he know that it would launch him into a world of unique tools that are based on customer suggestions. In 1997, FastCap was created on the notion to bring the consumer the most innovative, practical and reliable tools and accessories. Catering to the woodworking industry, FastCap provides a wide range of tools and accessories to make the job easier, more productive, cost efficient and safer with a line of safety glasses. Their flagship invention, the 3rd hand, revolutionized the cabinetmaker industry. The 3rd hand provided enough hold power so that the cabinetmaker can edit the design or install the cabinet with just one person. That saves time and also saves money. When you want the best in quality tools, trust FastCap.

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