Estwing Hammers

Founded in 1923, Estwing takes pride in manufacturing their line of Estwing Hammers which now include their ever popular "Fireside Friend" wood splitter, axes, hammers, and nail pullers. Estwing was founded by Ernest Estwing, a Swedish immigrant that settled in Rockford, Illinois. From the very beginning, Estwing took pride in manufacturing striking tools that are not only durable but also comfortable. Estwing's hammer line also grew to include drilling hammers, which have quickly become popular with craftsmen and contractors. The B3 line of hammers are forged in one-piece steel and include a new shock resistant grip. In 2001, they introduced a revolutionary shock reduction grip that enables the consumer to swing the hammer more during the day, thereby increasing productivity and reducing injury and fatigue. This grip is now standard on all striking tools. Estwing is based in Rockford, Illinois and their products will serve the consumer well for years.

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