Coilhose established itself in 1969 by providing a good quality nylon air hose. The pneumatic tool market at the time was mostly using rubber hoses; which provided reliability questions when used in either an abrasive area where the hose can be punctured or in extreme weather, which can cause the hose to either crack or otherwise malfunction. Coilhose came out with the model PFE40504T air hose, which is made of tough nylon that can withstand extreme weather and abrasive conditions. Since then, Coilhose is known for providing quality pneumatic accessories like Couplers and Fittings, Regulators, Filters, Lubricators and hoses for multiple uses. From hoses and quick disconnects to ferrules, blowguns and cleaners; Coilhose continues with their dedication to quality and innovation. If you are looking for a high quality product that will provide years of quality service, choose Coilhose

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